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Rexton Industries Limited was formally incorporated in 1991 as a limited liability company that is actively involved in the business of production/blending and distribution of premium beverages but with core focus on bottled water, wines and spirits. Generally, the company’s products include rum, gin, ponche, wine, brandy, schnapps, bitters, flavoured drinks and ozonized table water and communion wines.

From about three product lines on commencement, Rexton Industries Limited has today become a key player in the foods and beverage segment of the economy boasting of over twenty-five brands in the market place; employing about two hundred workers directly and many others in ancillary services
Presently the company boasts of over 51 active key distributors throughout Nigeria and West Africa

The company is a stickler to quality procedures, maintaining all regulatory standards as all their products are NAFDAC and NSO certified

As creativity, innovation, transparency and quality are some of its core values; Rexton’s strategy has challenged the conventional business model where their focus is on market leadership through sublime relationship management, disruptive innovations and predicting future beverage trends.


Rexton Industries Ltd offers a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages mostly under the Castello brands as well as premium spirits like Olingo Bitters, Orbit Schnapps, Sweetie Café Rum, etc.

Because of the increased demand in the use of PET bottles of different sizes, the company installed a line for the production of very high grade PET bottles of different sizes for internal consumption and the open market.